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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Puma Powercat Super Finger Protect -- (nego to direct owner 017-4066601 )

Puma goalkeeper glove..ready stok..member beli terbeli size kecik..susah nak dapat glove ni kat sini..kalau ada pun kena order..ada fingersave aka finger protection..description bleh tgk kat bawah..

Size 9

From Pro Direct.com
The base and the finger seams are stitched external to achieve a traditional flat and extended fit. An anatomically correct cut follows the natural position of the fingers and ensures comfortable fit.

The revolutionary 4mm absorb latex offers unparalleled grip and damping qualities. The unique design of the latex helps water on the surfaces for improved adhesion properties. The impermeable membrane that separates the latex and foam underlayment will prevent the hand from getting wet and uncomfortable.

The latex backhand gives improved fit and comfort, while direct injection silicone inserts on the fingers grant greater fist power.

Removable spines (Knife Guard) provide outstanding protection, these are inside hidden zippers which make it easy to insert or remove the protection.

Newly developed, individually removable puma Knife Guard (FLEXTEC) protects the goalkeeper from injuries that can be caused by ball impact. A decisive advantage of the new Flextec system is that the rails for the first time are not on the fingers but on the side, therefore the top of the fingers is almost free. This leads to a lower burden of the joints and grants improved wearing comfort and higher flexibility.

The elements are located in special designed made of shock-absorbing material tunnels which can be used individually to meet the individual requirements of the goalkeeper.

The patented thumb protection uses an unique design which protects the thumb joint in two directions and offers high freedom of movement.

Features Include:

  • Palm: 4mm Absorb Latex.
  • Cut: Regular Cut (Flat Palm)
  • Backhand: Embossed latex with zipper compartments for finger and thumb spines.
  • Wrist Closure: Bandage wrist and latex wrist strap.
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